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T. J. Clark's Life Source™ Heart Health & Longevity Package

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Heart Health & Longevity Package -

4 Oz. Advanced Formula Liquid Co-Q10™ 

8 Oz Liquid Grape Seed Extract™ 

8 Oz. Liquid Catalyzed Chromium Picolinate™ 

30 Ct Catalyzed Vitamin E™

T. J. Clark's Heart Health & Longevity package combined with the Health Complete Daily Nutrition package is a reliable, and very complete method of protecting your cardiovascular health and maintaining longevity.

  •  Our Liquid Coenzyme Q10 formula is the best available. Co-Q10 is produced naturally in the body, with levels starting to decline after the age of 20. Most studies on Co-Q10, have been conducted on heart function, where Co-Q10  has improved overall heart function versus that of a placebo. A great deal of studies have been conducted on the effectiveness of this nutrient.
  • Liquid Grape Seed Extract formula. Grape seed extract shown to have a high content of compounds known as OPC’s (oligomeric proanthocyanidins) researches claim OPC's increase the structural strength of weakened blood vessels, it is also one of the most potent antioxidants known. Very few items in the nutritional arsenal can boast as many and varied potential benefits as grape seed extract can. Used for a verity of conditions including, antioxidant protection.
  •  Liquid Catalyzed Chromium Picolinate. Maintaining healthy blood sugar levels. Helping to boost immune system functioning and DHEA hormone support for health and longevity.
  • Catalyzed Vitamin E capsules. Vitamin E helps fight our greatest aging fear, The anti-oxidant power of  Vitamin E helps stop free radical chain reactions that destroy cells.

Every ingredient in our Life Source Package Line-up has been carefully selected for compatibility and optimization with our exclusive phytogenic complex Polyfloramin. Our proprietary
"Team Effect" has never been greater!


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